I love when photographs become something more than just that, when new textures, patterns and stories appear. For that reason I am going to share with you these beautiful findings with unique harmony between photographs and embroidery, where a thread becomes an inseparable part of the image.

The Author of these photographic collages is Santa Monica based artist


Anila Quayyum Agha Sweeps ArtPrize, Winning Both Jury and Public Grand Prize Awards

Agha’s “Intersections” installation at the the Grand Rapids Art Museum filled an entire gallery with a light source in the center of a laser-cut wooden cube. The lattice of shadows represents, according to the artist’s statement, “geometric patterning in Islamic sacred spaces, associated with certitude.” A play between the nature of public and private space, the work also challenges viewers by blurring the traditional boundaries of what constitutes an art work by placing attention as much on the shadows as the sculpted object itself.



String Art and Geometric Drawings by Sebastien Preschoux

Artist Sebastien Preschoux creates impressive string art sculptures as well as intricate geometric drawings. The detail and complexity in such pieces is truly astonishing. Preschoux describes his methods in design as being slightly spontaneous, as he starts with a center point, and let’s the art work happen for itself as it goes. He uses various colors and venue for his string installations which span vast spaces in the process. His drawings are meticulous and delicately constructed with a methodical approach, much like his string sculptures.  This comprises the second collection of works we’ve featured by this artist, don’t miss the first series of  Sebastien Preschoux..


Collaboration with Jessica Fagan and Karen Cooney 

Installation using film, projections, mirrors, glass and steel exploring the concept of journey, and how this can be recorded and represented. 


Emmanuelle Moureaux fills shinjuku central park with 100 colors
photos by daisuke shima / nacasa & partners

watch the ground-level rainbow flow with the wind here.


 Aerial Landscapes of Vibrant Salt Ponds in San Francisco by Cris Benton

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homestretch, finally.

hand embroidery, micron ink, indigo, sumi ink, and handmade paper.


Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park by Tom Fruin

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We love Graduate embroidery student Sally Price of Manchester Metropolitan University’s innovative approach to textiles. In particular her Archive Artery piece – a representation of material to digital archiving, created from recycled electrical wire, paper, cord, nylon and wood. 


Blue Moon — PALETTE KNIFE Landscape Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov - Size: 20” x 36” (50cm x 90cm) by AfremovArtStudio (149.00 USD)

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